Spring Cleaning For Your Smile!

When was the last time you visited our office for a hygiene dental examination and cleaning? If it has been longer than six months, then you are due for a visit. Now that spring has arrived, it is the perfect time to get a spring cleaning for your smile. We know that life is busy, and it can be difficult to make time for an appointment, but routine dental care is a must to ensure optimal oral health. Delaying routine care increases your risk of developing serious dental conditions that can impact your spring and summer plans. Read on to learn more about the importance of routine dental care.

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Preparing Your Child For Their First Dental Visit

At Callie + Michael Romenesko, A Family Dental Studio, we are happy to see and treat every member of your family, and that includes the youngest members of your family, even if they only have one tooth. Do you know when you should bring a child in for their first dental visit? You can bring them in as early as when their first tooth emerges, but some parents choose to bring their child in around their first birthday. If your child is older than one and still has not visited the dentist, do not worry! It’s not too late to call and schedule an appointment for them.

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