Improve Your Smile With Veneers

Do you find yourself constantly looking at other people’s teeth and comparing them to your own? Do you often look at your teeth and wish they looked better? While we offer a number of cosmetic dentistry options, there is one in particular that is used to improve the front teeth. Veneers are an extremely popular treatment that leaves patients with a beautiful, uniform smile.

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The Importance Of Replacing Missing Teeth

It can be an emotional and upsetting experience to experience tooth loss. Patients are often motivated to replace their teeth when a front tooth is gone; however, the same urgency often isn’t felt when a back tooth is missing. Every tooth, no matter the location, should be replaced. The only teeth that are never replaced are when wisdom teeth are removed or certain teeth are removed for orthodontic purposes. Although teeth are individual units in the mouth, they all work together to function properly. When one tooth is missing, it can interrupt and change the roles of the surrounding teeth. Here are some reasons replacing your tooth is vital to your oral health:

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What’s The Best Tooth Replacement For Me?

If you or a loved one is looking to replace missing teeth, suffering from severe dental decay, or has experienced trauma to the mouth and will be needing a tooth replacement option, we offer a few choices for our patients. We know that it can be an overwhelming decision, as each option has its benefits. One in particular is what we typically recommend and is popular among our patients. This tooth replacement option is permanent, natural looking, and long lasting. Read on to learn more about this popular treatment.

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